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Retirement Resources Wealth Management, LP was created to offer a better alternative to commission-based stock brokers/advisors. As independent fee-only advisors we eliminate the inherent conflict of interest that exists at most large brokerage firms. That of trying to offer impartial investment advice while making a commission from company sponsored investment vehicles.

We are better situated to offer objective investment advice and can offer the full spectrum of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s. By not paying commissions on trades, or loads on mutual funds investors are able to put more of their money to work for them.

Finally, as a Registered Investment Advisor we are held to a “fiduciary responsibility” to our clients-the highest legal standard. That means by law, we must represent the best interests of our clients. Most brokers and advisors who work for them are only held to a lower “suitability” standard. Please feel free to contact us to request a free consultation to review your investments and financial position.